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Food help!

Hey everyone! My daughter just turned 8 months. (She was born at the end of September) I went to her doctor's appointment yesterday and they said to start weaning her off of bottles and that she should only be having like 18 oz. a day and to give her more solid food. I had no clue I was already supposed to do this. (She's been having like 30 oz. a day probably, maybe 25.) She doesn't like the purees and we have been giving her solids which she LOVES. We mostly just whatever we are eating, but I don't usually eat all 3 meals so I am looking for things that I can give her for them. I'm wondering now what sort of food schedule and what sort of things that I should give her to make up for the bottles.

TLDR: So, what I am asking is, what is your child's food schedule, and what are they eating for meals? (It'd be even more of a plus if it's easy to make!)

Edit: Also, do you give your kids juice? I haven't really given her it but I've heard mixed things. If you do, what type?


May. 25th, 2010 09:09 pm (UTC)
Nathan turns 8 months on the 26th he's 22 pounds now. He's a big eater, trys anything!

Currently he has 2 formula bottles a day and access to pure apple juice cut with water via sippy cup whenever he wants. He has two large meals along with snacks. Breakfast (7am -8am) which is usually rice cereal mixed with some fruit puree, Then around lunch(12-2pm) we offer multiple snacks. Yogurt, Apple sauce, cheerios, diced fruit - nathans favourites are watermelon and bananas. Tastes of whatever we may be eating. Dinner (6:30 - 7:30) Rice cereal again with a vegetable puree and sometimes fruit puree as well.


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