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He is growing so fast, already sitting and almost crawling.
I can't believe how big our september babies are getting!
1. Baby's Name:

2. How old is your baby now?
14 weeks!

3. What is your baby up to these days (sleeping, eating, milestones, etc.)?

He is on the move! Flailing, rolling, laughing, you name it! There is no stopping him! We got some laughs out of him this weekend, and he did his first back-to-front role! He has been able to do the opposite, but this is the first time i've seen him go from back to front.

We had a well-baby visit today, and Sebastian has almost doubled his birth weight, and has grown three inches! Our ped is very laid back and hasn't openly disagreed with our decision to delay vaccinating, though I can tell he doesn't wholly agree with it, its okay though as long as I don't have to put up with a fight. He is also very pro-breastfeeding, and at every visit congratulates me and tells me to keep up the good work.

he still won't sleep for more than three hours at night, but he quietly lets me know he is hungry, and then goes back to sleep pretty much right away. We bedshare, and my husband usually doesn't even wake-up. He is sleeping less and less during the day, and when he sleeps it is almost always under an hour... the man has things to do!

4. Questions, comments, observations?
A strange thing happened the other day, which I'm not sure how to feel about. I was changing Sebastian on one of those Koala change things in a public washroom, nd a lady checked out his butt while I was cleaning it and gasped, "what a rash, why aren't you putting something on it?" I told her we are, without going into details and she started raving about how I needed to do more and asked if I had tried x-brand of baby rash cream. We hadn't, and she told me we just had to. I felt kind of invaded, I mean I know I am changing him in public, but it rubbed me the wrong way. I'm sure she was trying to be helpful, but I don't know, I feel like sometimes people forget that babies are humans, and thus deserve the same amount of respect. I mean, I'm sure the woman wouldn't have come up to me if I had really bad acne and ask me what I was doing about it, y'know?

I'm getting better at dealing with unsolicited advice, and usually just make a joke about it... it seems to help people figure out they need to back off without getting offended. One such example, of a conversation I had a week or two ago:

Person I don't know: "You should have another"
Me: "Why?"
Person I don't know: "So he'll have someone to play with."
Me: "But then who will I play with?"

Other than that, we're starting to have a lot more fun hanging out with each other, and parenting is becoming more fun and less hard work.

( 5. Pictures! )Pcitures!Collapse )

A long time ago... we had a baby!

James Aidan Jordan Lewis
8lbs, 4oz
21 inches long

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Long overdue birth announcement!

Hi all :) I thought I would share for anyone that is still hanging around here. Time has flown by, and I feel like I have been so busy. This is the first time I've been on livejournal since giving birth!

Liam Purdie
born 9/7/09 (his due date)
8lbs 9oz and 21.5 inches long

a few picturesCollapse )

I haven't written my birth story yet...but here's a short summaryCollapse ) Hope everyone else is doing well.

Birth announcement!

 Madison Grace
September 21, 2009. 12:38 pm
7 pounds, 4 ounces & 21 3/4 inches
Born via planned C-section

My beautiful baby girl!Collapse )

Everything went well! The c-section was scary and the recovery sucked the first few days but I'm doing much better now. Madison is healthy and absolutely amazing. She eats and sleeps well and only cries when she's hungry. I feel completely blessed.

Sebastian Clifford Kassapa Smith was born September 8th, 2009.
3610g, APGAR ratings: 9/9.

born via ceserean due to "failure to progress".

Link to the big man's birthstory and pictures here due to talk of above ceserean and other interventions (pitocin and an epidural). Any suggestions/ideas as to why things may have gone as awry as they did would be most welcome.

My labor story

I posted my labor story at my personal journal, here.

It was a natural water birth with no interventions. The story is extremely long; I got kind of carried away writing it up! Cross-posted to autumn2009.
My son, Andrew, was born a week overdue, 9/16 at 7:33 AM. After 20+ hours of labor he just wasn't moving anywhere and wasn't having an easy time with contractions, so we ended up with a section. He is gorgeous, and I'm doing just fine (I'm even up and walking!). Good luck to anyone left to deliver this month!

Sep. 14th, 2009

Born 11:24 PM on Sunday 13 Sept.
Catalina Elena
9 lbs 3 oz
20.5 inches long

Mom and baby doing well. Best wishes to all the other Sept 2009 babies!

saw the doctor this morning

3 cm dilated
60% effaced

Baby's due 14 September; he thinks she'll arrive within the week.  Also, he predicts she'll be in the 8 pound range.  (My toddler was 7 lb, 12 oz when she was born, so that's probably a safe estimate)

I'd better wash those little clothes I was sorting on the weekend.  Someone little may need them soon.  Oh and pack the bag for me, for my toddler...