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Babies due September 2009
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This is for individuals who are due between the end of August and the beginning of October.
This is an outlet for families due around September. Please see the first post in the community for more information. This should be a safe community. All members are subject to approval and deletion. This community will be for women who want information, to share their pregnancy woes, tears, joys and precious moments.

If you are planning a c-section for vanity reasons or inductions for the sake of an induction, please don't join. I want this to inspire, heal and empower women.

No matter your background, your history, or your current situation, you are entitled to a safe pregnancy and birth. Use this space to vent about anything pregnancy related. Share stories, pictures, and anecdotes with others. If you've had a bad birth experience before, feel free to post it behind a cut and get it out of the way. If you've experienced loss, please feel free to post as well (behind a cut) to help you transtition into this new world. This is a new pregnancy, a new beginning!

Whether this is your first child or 17th child, this is a place for YOU!

Please include the following information when you post:
Name:(or name you want to be recognized by)
How many other children do you have?:
Estimated due date:
Kind of Birth you are desiring:(natural, homebirth, birthcenter, hospital, pain management, etc)
One interesting thing about you:
One question you have right now: